Who Am I?

A web developer with more than 10 years’ experience in front-end development, web application development, implementing user interfaces and hybrid mobile application development. With my roots in both server-side and client-side web development, I feel I may bring a unique perspective to front-end development.

  • Strong TypeScript knowledge (5+ years of experience; Angular 2+, NGRX, WebServices, and WebSockets)
  • Highly experienced in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and related technologies
  • Extensive knowledge coupled with experience in W3C and ECMA standards, utilizing semantic markup for structure and producing reusable code
  • Solid organizational, project and team management skills and possessing a palpable sense of teamwork
  • Can lead and motivate geographically dispersed online teams
  • Adaptive to new application and technologies

Work Experience

  • Nov 2019 – Present

    Senior Frontend Developer

    Segal IT Pioneers
    • I developed a multilingual and themeable stock exchange web application using Angular framework. It uses NGRX (basically Redux) for state management and holds CI/CD support with automated custom builds for dev, staging, production, etc.
    • I also developed a slighter, lighter PWA version of the application with the same functionality. To make sure each component of these applications has the best performance, I wrote most of the dependencies myself.
    • I implemented Adobe XD and Figma wireframes designed by UI/UX team.
    • I have designed and developed an administration panel for managing the system functionality and resources using Angular and Material standards.
    • I also implemented the company website template using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Nov 2012 – Nov 2019

    Lead Front-End Developer

    • Responsibilities: Implement, test, and design website templates that work on any device and any browser
    • I developed more than 40 responsive website templates, most of them support AMP and all of them are fully-responsive using LESS, SCSS, and Twitter Bootstrap. I worked on a handful of Angular web applications.
    • I created a modular JavaScript system that can be used across different websites and enables them to use features like video ads, carousels, etc.
    • I have an obsession with the quality, so I work closely with web-designers to ensure I am implementing pixel-perfect web pages.
  • Mar 2012 – Mar 2019 (Part Time / Remote)

    Senior Web Application Developer

    • I worked as a front-end developer with web/graphic design abilities in a multidisciplinary development team of both web, mobile and desktop applications
    • Developed a high-performance user-friendly administration panel for a huge TV website administration using Backbone framework and Handlebars template engine
    • I implemented PressTV DOC website, URBOX website, news reporting web applications and URL-shortener service
    • I engineered and developed 30Birds, a Netflix-like VOD web application, and developed PressTV's OTT app for Roku devices.
    • I also worked as server admin, monitoring services and database administration on live Ubuntu Linux systems
  • 2011 – Oct 2015 (Part Time / Remote)

    Web Developer and Server Administrator

    Children and Kids TV Channel (Pooya TV)
    • I implemented both back-end and front-end of the website using PHP and MySQL and created RESTful API services
    • Developed web applications for TV schedule and EPG data management using jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript
    • I migrated huge live MySQL databases to MariaDB to improve performance
    • This position was remote and I learned a lot
  • 2010 – Mar 2012 (Part Time / Remote)

    Full-Stack Developer

    iFilm TV
    • Designed and developed a multilingual website for a fast-growing entertainment TV channel
    • Created iMusic; a web application for music archiving and metadata managing coupled with RESTful API for third-party apps
    • I improved website performance by creating a multi-layer cache system using Memcached, Varnish and file caching
    • I implemented a user-friendly newsletter manager, template designer, and email sender web application using AngularJS for front-end and PHP and MySQL for back-end
  • Oct 2008 – Feb 2014

    Full-Stack Developer and Web Designer

    ParsToday/IRIB World Service
    • I developed the entire front-end and administration panel of more than 30 award-winning websites
    • Installed and tuned Varnish cache to improve website performance
    • Collaborated with other developers of the team and content-providers to introduce new functionality across Joomla-powered websites
    • Implemented web applications for website contents evaluation
    • Developed client-side JavaScript to validate forms and enhance the user's overall experience
    • I Implemented a mobile application using Apache Cordova / PhoneGap
    • I also assisted the database development team with modifications to database schemas and the development of SQL scripts, queries, etc.

Notable Projects

  • Aug 2018 – Present

    Founder and Developer

    HOP: HbbTV Open Platform
    HOP: HbbTV Open Platform

    HOP is an open-source TypeScript-based project I started under MIT license and is available publicly on GitHub. This project is created to create fast and optimized HbbTV applications in mind. It uses various RESTful APIs like news, weather, and stock market summary and enables users to access it while watching TV. HbbTV applications work on most smart TV sets and can bring web-based interaction to the screen.

  • Oct 2016 – Present

    Web Application Developer

    Atlas TV Autiomation
    Atlas TV Autiomation

    Atlas TV Automation is a web application for TV scheduling and asset management. It provides a unique interface with drag-and-drop and modern usability features, advanced user and access levels management for producing, managing, archiving, and distributing TV programs on playout software, websites, and social media. I was the sole front-end developer in this project. I used BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, jQuery, and related technologies to provide a rich and improved interface for RESTful APIs from a distributed architecture of back-end services.

  • Dec 2017 – May 2018

    Web Application Developer

    Dericoin: Online Cryptocurrency exchange platform

    I developed a multilingual and highly customizable cryptocurrency exchange platform. In this project, I used Angular 5, later updated it to Angular 6, and used RESTful services from a multi-layer MVC.net back-end. I also used SCSS and Bootstrap for styling. Although the project was canceled before launch due to financial issues, the beta version of the application was ready at that time. We used Microsoft TFS for managing the project development and the team of developers/designers.

  • Aug 2017 – Oct 2017

    Web Developer and Designer

    Gilgamesh Magazine

    I designed and developed a multilingual website for Gilgamesh magazine. The project was launched in October 2017 as my first experience in working with online payment platforms.

Open Source

Besides my work experiences and freelance projects, I try to lend a helping hand to other programmers and work for public services for free. I also write and edit Wikipedia articles.

All of my open-source projects are accessible from my Github page
I spend some of my spare time assisting others mainly on StackOverflow.


JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, SCSS, LESS, HTML, PHP
Angular 2+, BackboneJS, Vue, Slim Framework
jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, UnderscoreJS, Handlebars
MySQL, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB
Source Control
Git (GitHub, GitLab), Subversion SVN, Microsoft TFS
Server Administration
Ubuntu Linux, CentOS Linux, Microsoft Window Server
Design Tools
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Flash
I'm also experienced in responsive web design, progressive web applications, SEO standards, and Single-page web applications (SPA).